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Scatters Oils Profile

Scatters oils is a leader in the essential oil market in South Africa. Sourcing oils from over 30 farmers throughout Africa and surrounding Islands.

We have been in full operation for 22 years. And we have been at the forefront of the development of the Agricultural industry in essential oils in South Africa

We supply over 350 different organic, aromatherapy, indigenous and novel oils.

Working with Government, municipalities and rural farmers, we strive to uplift the agricultural sector.

We meet international standards on quality control and quality assurance, enabling us to export to over 27 countries worldwide.

Company Infrastructure

Scatters cc is located at the Clive Teubes premises in Randburg, Johannesburg.

Scatters cc occupies one of the 4 Clive Teubes owned factories which are all located in Randburg.

We are proud to introduce our staff compliment:

The Scatters Oils cc team

cc team

Back L-R: Ian Lutge, Michelle Walter, Reuben Kekana, Africa Moloi, Archie KhoediFront L-R: Jessica Lutge, Tanya Le Roux, Lawrence Dube, Tumi Tau & Lynn Cox

Ian Lutge, General Manager of Scatters Oils. Ian has insight into the international markets as well as technical knowledge about major essential oils which are grown in South Africa. Ian has taken the company from strength to strength since he joined  Scatters Oils in 2010.

Jessica Lutge, Technical Manager. Joined Scatters oils in 2004 and deals mostly with company systems, staff matters, quality control and Technical know-how.

Michelle Walter has joined the Scatters Oils Team in March 2014. Her role is to support and ensure efficient and effective delivery of services.

Tanya Le Roux is part of the imports and exports team at Scatters oils, she joined us in September 2013.

Reuben Kekana has been a valuable staff member to the Scatters Oils team for 7 years. Reuben is the production Manager and plays a vital role in exports.

Africa Moloi is our in-house trained Lab Technician who deals with all our finest perfumery work as well as our quality control.

Megan Cross is our Local Sales Supervisor. Megan has recently joined our team. She brings a fresh new management style to the local sales team. Megan has a diploma in health and Skin care and a diploma in spa therapy. Her experience with essential oils and their application is exciting and helpful to our clients.

Busisiwe Sedumedi  joined Scatters in April 2017. She has filled a vital gap in our local dispatch and logistical department. Busi has a diploma in computer science.

The Accounts Team comprises of Cindy Swart, Marianka Coetzee and Lynn Cox who keep a control on all matters pertaining to the financial side of the scatters oils business.

Archie Khoedi has been with Scatters oils for the past 7 years assisting with local sales production.

Lawrence Dube, assist in compiling of orders for both local sales and exports

Tumi Tau is the housekeeper of Scatters oils and does so with a dedication of ownership.

Eddy Sebati is a precious member of our local production team. Eddy is responsible for the effective production of local orders.

Background and History of Scatters and Support in the essential oil Industry

  • Scatters is a Division of Clive Teubes cc which has been a leader in the essential oil Market for 35 years.
  • The Scatters Company is owned by Clive Teubes who has personally been the leader in essential oil development in South Africa since 1985.
  • Scatters and Support was a division created in 1992 for the sole purpose to manage farmers and to supply organic oils to the local and international markets.
  • Scatters oils is currently managed by Ian Lutge and Jessica Lutge who has oversight over all farming projects. Ian has insight into the international markets as well as technical knowledge about major essential oils which are grown in South Africa.
  • Scatters in actively involved with ALL factors of developing farmers all around South Africa.
  • Scatters is currently helping many new and developing farmers. From basic farming information, to distillation information as well as a support for relevant questions.
  • Scatters (through Teubes cc) have worked hand in hand with the CSIR on many highly successful projects for the development of the essential oil industry.
  • Scatters (through Teubes cc) have been involved with Pretoria and Potchefstroom University in the studies and the search for better information for the development of essential oils. 

The role of Scatters in the Essential oil Industry:

  • Scatters have a good working relationship with all the major industry key suppliers.
  • Scatters have good knowledge of international quality requirements and therefore can assist local farmer in establishing international quality standards.
  • Scatters works with a network of helpful and important people needed for successful farming of essential oils.
  • Scatters are involved in daily upliftment of the South African essential oil market.
  • Scatters has up to date and relevant market information for local and international sales.
  • Scatters currently freely and willingly help farmers with pricing of oils to ensure that correct budgets are in place.
  • Scatters provides and as much information about the essential oil industry as possible to existing farmers.
  • Scatters exports over 19 tonnes of South African essential oils each year.
  • Scatters has a small division which produces cosmetics such as soaps, bubble baths, salts and shampoos. These are developed in our factory and we put pure essential oils into the products

Scatters Resources

Front office

  • Scatters have 4 in house, fully equipped laboratories which can complete the full analysis on essential oils.
  • Scatters has a vast library of oil information from which all international quality standards of most oils can be found
  • In scatters’ library, there is a vast resource of the history of essential oils, as well as current information on essential oils worldwide.
  • Scatters are known in the international markets for being a large and consistent supplier of essential oils from South Africa
  • Scatters has the largest platform of current growers in South Africa
  • Scatters is currently involved with over 30 growers in South Africa and in Africa
  • Scatters (through Teubes cc) has represented South Africa in international conferences on essential oils (IFEAT)

Scatters Oils are the leaders in South African essential oils through:

  1. Leading analyst on essential oils for quality control purposes
  2. Large library of essential oils for access to knowledge and information.
  3. Over 26 years being a significant driving force in the agricultural sector of South Africa essential oil industry
  4. Leaders in exporters of essential oils
  5. Big variety of essential oils.
  6. Leaders in Market information for local and export demand.