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Scatters is a premier exporter of organic and natural essential oils from Africa

The Scatters headquarters in Randburg house the firm's production and laboratory facilities.

Scatters is a premier exporter of organic and natural essential oils from Africa. The company is a subsidiary of Clive Teubes CC, which has been distilling and exporting essential oils from South Africa for over 30 years. Clive Teubes is a well-known and respected figure in the agricultural industry and his family business enjoys an international reputation.

Clive Teubes is solely owned by Clive Teubes himself as Managing Director. Clive opened Clive Teubes to supply aroma chemicals to the local South African market. Since then, Clive has expanded to become a major supplier in the local South African market.

The single factory in Strijdom Park, South Africa has now expanded to 3 large factory facilities, with the fourth factory under construction. Clive Teubes cc has expanded to become a substancial citrus oil supplier to the international market.

In 1992 Scatters And Support was established to meet the rapidly growing demand in the cosmetics and spa industries for specialised natural and organic oils. Under the management of General Manager Jessica Lutge (Clive Teubes' daughter), Scatters has grown from a micro initiative into a strong niche industry. SCATTERS OILS was re opened with a new image in 2009.

Scatters Oils is now a bulk supplier of Natural, Indigenous and Organic oils into the local and international market.

Scatters source oils directly from government owned, municipality and privately owned farms. Scatters is involved with the development of the essential oil industry in South Africa by assisting farmers and organisations with market information, pricing, quality control and farming information to produce high quality oils.

Scatters Oils export over 20 tons of oil per year.

Scatters Oils currently employ 11 staff members
Scatters essential oils are sought after for their 100% organic certification and their excellent quality. Scatters oils are entirely pure and natural with no artificial additives and the firm's organic inspection is done by Germany-based BCS OKO accreditation agency (registered with the US Department of Agriculture).

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Scatters' mission is to source their oils locally and from the African continent....

The know-how of Clive Teubes is invaluable.

Marketing their products as oils out of Africa - and to develop the agricultural supply-side of the industry. Scatters has partnerships with farmers throughout South Africa and across the continent, including Madagascar. The firm identifies farming communities and suitable farmland, provides farmers with technical support and a market for their products. The know-how of Clive Teubes is invaluable in assisting farmers with the cultivation, harvesting and distilling of oil-producing crops.

Scatters can help the farmers connect with supplies of seeds and equipment, ensures that farmers have access to distillation equipment, advises on market trends and implements quality control to ensure the sustainability and reliability of their products. The result is sustainable agriculture and upliftment in many rural communities. For instance, in Rwanda, Clive Teubes has become involved in a project where fallow land lay neglected after the genocide and encouraged local farmers to grow oil-producing crops there, to the benefit of those widowed ladies in the communities.

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The Scatters headquarters in Randburg house the firm's production and laboratory facilities

Scatters offers the guarantees of 100% organic oils.

Here testing is conducted and factors such as colour, odour, density and purity of all oils are strictly monitored. The firm now exports some 350 varieties of natural and organic oils, and is able to supply these in small quantities where required - which has also contributed to the rapid expansion of its market.

For discerning international buyers, Scatters offers the guarantees of 100% organic oils, high quality, purity and an exceptional range of varieties, sourced from indigenous communities throughout Africa, with an exceptional track record of social responsibility and sustainable agriculture.

Our Aim is to join government, farmers and the world market together to uplift the agricultural industry in Southern Africa.
We hope to enable the agricultural industry with information to learn and grow into world class farmers. We wish to unite all sectors of the agricultural industry together to empower the people of Southern Africa

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