Information About Scatters Oils

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‘A Premier Supplier and exporter of organic and natural essential oils from AFRICA.’

Established in 1992 as Scatters and Support, Scatters Oils is a premier supplier and exporter of indigenous, organic and natural essential oils, from Africa. As a subsidiary of the Clive Teubes Group, Scatters has grown from a micro-initiative into a strong, niche industry leader. Servicing the cosmetics, health and beauty industries across the globe, the company delivers specialised natural and organic essential oils.

Scatters carries organic certification from the German BCS OKO accreditation agency (registered with the US Department of Agriculture). Its products contain no artificial additives and are known for their excellent quality.

Scatters is proudly at the forefront of the development of the South African agricultural and essential oil industry. As a leader in the South African essential oils market, it sources oils from over 130 government, municipal and privately-owned farms throughout Africa and its surrounding islands. With a view to developing the global essential oil industry, Scatters assists farmers and organisations with market and farming information, pricing structures and reliable quality controls. This ensures the production of sustainable, high quality indigenous, essential oils drawn from nature.

Scatters products are distributed locally and internationally, the company constantly strives to become more environmentally friendly, socially fair and forward thinking in skill knowledge and systems. As such, Scatters works to lower its carbon footprint, has developed a recycling programme for its oil disposal and e-waste, and complies with government law and requirements to support a cleaner future.