Ukwaziswa (Information)

‘A Premier Supplier and exporter of organic and natural essential oils from AFRICA.’


Scatters Oils is a leader in the essential oils market in South Africa. Sourcing oils from over 30 farmers throughout Africa and surrounding islands. The company is a subsidiary of Clive Teubes cc, which has been distilling and exporting essential oils from South Africa for over 35 years. Improving analytical methods to ensure the purity of our oils to a discerning market.

In 1992 Scatters And Support was established to meet the rapidly growing demand in the cosmetics and spa industries for specialized natural and organic oils. Scatters has grown from a micro initiative into a strong niche industry. SCATTERS OILS was re-launched with a new Logo in 2009.

Scatters Oils source oils directly from government owned, municipality and privately owned farms. Scatters is involved with the development of the essential oil industry in South Africa by assisting farmers and organizations with market information, pricing, quality control and farming information to produce high quality oils.

Scatters Oils is now a bulk supplier of Natural, Indigenous and Organic oils into the local and international market.

Scatters essential oils are sought after for their 100% organic certification and their excellent quality.

Scatters oils are entirely pure and natural with no artificial additives and the firm’s organic inspection is done by Germany-based BCS OKO accreditation agency (registered with the US Department of Agriculture).

We have enjoyed a healthy growth pattern over the past 5 years. In our pursuit of higher quality standards we are always looking to become more environmentally friendly, more socially fair and forward thinking in our skills, knowledge and systems.

Currently on our quest for becoming “greener” and lowering our carbon foot print, we have begun a effective recycling program for our oil disposal and e-waste. We strive to comply with government law and requirements to support a cleaner future.