Carrier Oils Carrying You Through

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Can You Drink Essential Oils?
May 8, 2014


African essential oils have become very popular in South Africa. We have all come to know and love the many wonderful benefits of these oils. As organic essential oil suppliers, we love supporting our community with the best tips and tricks for optimal use, to ensure you reap all the wonderful benefits from these oils.

We know that you have done extensive research on the health benefits of the essential oil you want or need. You’ve bought your essential oils, and you’re ready to apply it to your skin and to witness all the miraculous results. One step is missing though… the carrier oil.

Carrier oils are very important mediums for applying essential oils to the skin. Carrier oils are vegetable oils that protect the skin from irritation, burning, redness, rashes and, in some cases, other reactions that result from applying undiluted essential oils directly to the skin.

The type of carrier oil you use will have an affect on the therapeutic and health benefit achieved. So be sure to choose a carrier that matches and compliments the essential oil you are coupling it with (we’ll help you identify the right solution and supply it too).

It is essential that you choose a high-quality carrier oil that will not negatively impact or lessen the beneficial qualities of the essential oil. A good quality carrier oil will enhance the benefits of the essential oil and allow your skin to absorb it, free from irritation and complications. This ensures a pleasurable and favourable experience.

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