The Scatters Oils Community Shipping Programme delivers the highest quality natural and essential oils directly from South Africa to our warehouse in Jacksonville, Florida.


The Benefits of the Programme:

  • High Quality Essential and Carrier Oils, predominantly out of Africa
  • There’s no middleman so you get top quality African Oils at the most affordable rate
  • Significant savings on airfreight costs


How It Works:

Shipment and Collection: Airfreight shipments occur on a monthly basis. You can collect your order directly from our warehouse in Jacksonville, Florida. Alternatively, we can provide a cost estimate to have the oils delivered directly to your premises, via courier.

How You Save: We keep costs low by shipping all orders together, once a month, passing cost savings on to you. While this may take a little longer than a courier, you’ll save by avoiding costly international airfreight costs. This means you’ll receive high quality African oils at a reasonable price.

Quality Guarantee: We send you specifications and certificates of analysis for the oils that are of interest to you. We have a well-equipped Quality Control Laboratory, which operates with the express purpose of ensuring the high-quality level of our organic and 100% natural essential and carrier oils.


For more information, or to book your next shipment, please contact Mandie Goosen at